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OnCourse Consulting, LLC provides training and education to business leaders and management personnel. Our primary area of expertise is fixed operations within the automotive industry. We focus on improving customer relationships and increasing productivity which positively impacts the overall performance of serivce, parts, and body shop deparments within the dealership environment. More »

OnCourse Consulting, LLC
P.O. Box 1794
Fletcher, NC 28732
828-707-1298 phone
205-492-0157 phone

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Turbocharging Your Parts & Service Departments
Driving to the Next Level

In Turbocharging Your Parts & Service Departments: Driving to the Next Level we demonstrate how a variety of operational changes, both large and small, can make a positive impact in every aspect of your business. In this book we emphasize that every aspect of a fixed operations department must be evaluated to determine what is good for the customer, good for employees, and good for business. That is how you drive your fixed operations departments to the next level! More »

Turbocharging Your Parts & Service Departments: Driving to the Next Level is available in both paperback and e-book formats. Click on the link below to order!

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