About oncourse consulting

david lintonThe idea for OnCourse was originally conceived when David Linton decided to retire from a company he had been employed with for almost 20 years. After a literal lifetime of involvement in the automotive business, David wanted to make use of his expertise in the industry while exploring some exciting new areas of opportunity that had not been open to him through previous employers.

David Linton began his career in the automotive industry as a child, working in his father’s auto parts store. After college, he went to work for a new car dealer in Easton, Pennsylvania. There he was able to learn the business from every angle as he progressed from the parts department through both the service department and body shop before becoming General Manager.

When the dealership was sold in 1987, David was invited to join a small consulting firm where he would have the opportunity to share his knowledge with others in the industry. He began his consulting career working directly with clients in their dealerships and learning more about the challenges they faced. In the later years, he spent a great deal of time teaching through a seminar format. OnCourse allows David to continue utilizing his expertise in both of these areas, as well as developing new ideas, procedures, and material that will benefit our clients and their employees.

Karen Linton assumes the majority of the administrative functions for OnCourse. She handles most of the tasks associated with the direct operation of the company including obtaining appropriate licenses, record-keeping, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and written correspondence.