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OnCourse Consulting, LLC, provides training and education to business leaders and management personnel. Our primary area of expertise is fixed operations within the automotive industry. We focus on improving customer relationships and increasing productivity which positively impacts the overall performance of service, parts, and body shop departments within the dealership environment.

We never take a “cookie-cutter” approach in our work. Each situation is different, and our approach is always customized to meet the specific needs of each client. Sometimes our clients request a full evaluation of the personnel, facilities, and financial position followed by recommendations regarding opportunities for improvement. Others may have specific requests, such as on-site Service Manager and/or Service Advisor training to improve their customer relationships.

We also conduct web-based training for individual dealership clients as well as manufacturers, providing a very efficient and cost-effective alternative to on-site visits. In addition to customer service training, we can also conduct a variety of financial and production evaluations with information that can be transmitted digitally. When combined with conference calls involving appropriate dealership personnel, this approach provides a great deal of information to the consultant and recommendations can be made without the necessity for an on-site visit. This approach allows for the participation of employees without the major disruption of their work schedule made necessary when the consultant is on-site.

Some of the training most frequently sought by Dealer clients includes:

  1. Effective Labor Rate analysis and management
  2. Fixed operations personnel compensation
  3. Yearly and monthly forecasting
  4. Service Advisor performance and evaluation
  5. Service Advisor training
  6. Manager financial management training
  7. Departmental evaluations to determine all areas of improvement
  8. Matrix pricing for service and parts departments