turbocharging your parts and services departmentFixed operations now account for more than fifty percent of all dealership gross profit dollars and managers are facing unprecedented challenges in achieving success. This means that today’s managers must be willing to explore new ideas and processes.

In Turbocharging Your Parts & Service Departments: Driving to the Next Level we demonstrate how a variety of operational changes, both large and small, can make a positive impact in every aspect of your business. We will not attempt to separate the issues of customer satisfaction and departmental profit, as it is impossible in the long run to do so. A successful business must satisfy both. You must have satisfied customers and be profitable to survive.

In this book we emphasize that every aspect of a fixed operations department must be evaluated to determine what is good for the customer, good for employees, and good for business. That is how you drive your fixed operations departments to the next level!

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“This book is a realistic planning tool that will enable the reader to master expenses and help increase sales. The processes talked about in it will create a culture of customer satisfaction through having engaged employees. It is a MUST READ for anyone wanting to truly understand their after sales business.”

~Patrick Fletch, Service Director - Budds' BMW

“I just finished the book you sent me. WOW … Your book has helped me to crunch the numbers needed to prove my point on building a profit center as a detail shop.”

~William Demaree, Service & Parts Director - Tom Wood Jaguar Land Rover Volvo

“If you had only written chapters 5 & 6 the book would be worth much more than the asking price. In my opinion these chapters address the core of our two greatest challenges going forward. With domestic service retention percentages in the low 20's and critical shortage of available production personnel, these two areas are a must for all service operations.”

~Don Fleming, Service & Parts Director - Allen Samuels Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Hyundai