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I. On-site Dealership Consulting

A. Departmental evaluations for service, parts, and body shop departments

Departmental evaluations consist of a 4-day on-site analysis. A pre-visit package requesting data is sent to the dealership prior to the scheduled visit. The typical in-dealership evaluation begins with a meeting with the dealership management team on Monday afternoon. During the week the Consultant will work with dealership staff to evaluate all aspects of the operation. This evaluation culminates with a management team meeting on Friday to review the observations, recommendations, and the current and proposed business cases.

Activities during the departmental evaluation process include, but are not limited to, analysis of financial information, sales, merchandising, appointment system, shop loading, customer follow-up, production, parts, equipment, facility, administration, and telephone. Personnel interviews are also conducted.

B. Service Sales Process Service Advisor Training

Our Service Sales Process training is a four-day visit to an individual dealership so that the Consultant can work with Service Advisors in their own dealership environment. The training will focus on:

  1. Improving or maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.
  2. Increasing or maintaining customer paid labor sales.
  3. Improving Service Advisor selling skills at point of sale and post point of sale.

The goal is to enhance customer satisfaction and retention for a long-term profitability outcome.

II. Other Consulting Services

A. Multi-Level Parts Pricing Matrix techniques

B. Effective labor rate development & management

C. Service maintenance & menu development

D. Pay plan development – all after sales departments

E. Expense review and management

F. Multi-point vehicle inspection management

III. Training Services

A. Program content development

B. SME delivery

C. Web-based training

This company was formed for the express purpose of providing training and education to business leaders and management personnel in order to facilitate better productivity from their employees and an improvement in customer service. More »

The idea for OnCourse was originally conceived when David Linton decided to retire from a company he had been employed with for almost 20 years. David wanted to make use of his expertise in the industry while exploring new areas of opportunity. More »

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